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If you want to make money from live broadcasts, besides games or selling meat. pick one of two. Either engage in a bit of a tiger head prerequisite is popularity. And it looks good. First, you need to download and install the Qu Toutiao software, and then you can register to enter. New users who register can get a red envelope of 1 yuan, and fill in the invitation code to get another 0.5 yuan.

Invite friends to register and open a high commission alliance is also one of the ways to make money. You can bind your invitation code after your friends download, or you can directly send an invitation link or invite poster to your friends to download and register. No matter which method you use, as long as you successfully invite your friends After registration is opened, newcomers can receive registration red envelopes, and they can also get commissions from newcomers after purchases, which are permanently valid. As long as the newcomers you invite generate orders, you can get rewards, and the rewards will be automatically returned to your account, that is Say, if you invite a certain number of newcomers to use the high commission alliance, even if you don’t buy things or sell things, do nothing and lie at home, others will automatically make money in their accounts when they buy things. This is the best way to make money once and for all. Easy way to make money.

Two days ago, the CCTV Finance Channel reported that the e-sports industry will exceed 80 billion in 2018. This industry may be a bit strange to many friends, and even for some older people, e-sports is just playing games, which is not a business. In fact, Otherwise, now e-sports is an industry that needs technology very much. Those who can get rewards in regular competitions have very high incomes. In fact, some people who are very good at playing games can make money by selling equipment. A friend said that he sold a game equipment and bought an Apple mobile phone. At a glance, I think there is still a lot of room for development in this industry! Originally, the mass base of this industry is actually quite extensive. Anyone who knows the Internet as long as they play a computer knows it well. If you can play the game to the extreme, it is not a game, but a serious job. It is still possible to participate in some formal competitions and get a certain income!

My suggestion is that everyone try to find a part-time job in the dormitory online, this is the best choice. In addition, I now have a good part-time job platform, I can do it in my dormitory, and I can recommend it to you. [/[/Yes, Juxiangyou is an online free money making platform that has been running stably for 5 years. There are a large number of online games, chess and card games, mobile games, computer games and a large number of reward tasks. As long as you can go online, you can make money here for free.

For novices, GoogleAdsense is definitely the first choice. Needless to say, in terms of reputation, as long as you earn $100, you will be paid next month, and you can also use Western Union to withdraw money directly to the post office, agricultural bank, etc., which is very convenient ; Adsense’s billing method is based on the number of clicks, which means that as long as someone clicks on the ads on your website, you can make money, so all you have to do is to constantly update the website content and increase traffic.

When Xiao Min drove to pick me up the next day, my eyes were red because I didn't sleep well all night. No, China Net Earn, I must persuade her to be a mistress is a bad way! Also very immoral!

Deception: A text message that reads "An urgent notice from the post office. You have a parcel that has arrived and cannot be delivered because the address is unknown. Please contact the post office as soon as possible. Telephone: ×××××××." When the above phone number is called back, the other party will ask the students to report their name and contact information, and then tell the students that there are illegal items such as drugs in the package, and the package has been handed over to the Public Security Bureau. Please assist the Public Security Bureau to investigate. Then someone posing as a police officer will tell the students that their identity information may have been used by criminal gangs and ask them to go to the bank counter to install a security protection system. After a series of operations, all the money in the student's bank card is transferred to the fraudster's account.

Don't do it for free. Everyone must remember that there is no free lunch in the world, and you won't lose any pies for you to eat. If it is free, then the platform employs a large number of staff, who also come to make money to support the family and are not obliged to provide free services. Jack Ma also said that free is the most expensive thing in the world. Do not do what requires working capital. Generally, the formal platforms are mainly based on remote orders, payment orders, etc., and there are also small advance orders, but some scammers will let you advance thousands of dollars in working capital, and then give you the principal and commission together. This kind of basic All liars. "

In addition, coding in the platform is also profitable, coding is also free, and you don't need to invest a penny. It is strongly recommended that your friends who have more time do coding tasks. To be honest, I don’t make a lot of money. After all, everyone is not familiar with it. They are all newbies. You can also go to study and learn, in this way, you may also become a veteran. If I guessed correctly, everyone usually plays games, and they all like to play the hottest and most popular games. Then why not play in Juxiangyou? Make money while having fun. When the account accumulates to a certain amount, if you don't want to withdraw cash, you can also exchange 100 yuan for the phone bill.