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The third is to be a Taobao guest. From the end of February 2013, I registered an account in Taobao Alliance, and started to promote through forum posts, QQ Talk, and Weibo. When promoting, such as posting in forums, you must enter some fashion or clothing sections in a targeted manner, and post by way of buyer sharing. At the same time, such a website can leave a link in the post, otherwise post It doesn't make much sense. And QQ talks about the crowd that it attracts mainly some colleagues or friends around you. If the product is cost-effective, the probability of a deal is still relatively high. The promotion of Weibo requires the accumulation of a certain number of quality fans, who can be mutual fans of these potential customers when they are free. When choosing a product for promotion, you must choose the one with a high transaction rate, and the customer unit price will be determined according to the crowd to be promoted. If the level of selection is relatively low, the general single product of ten to twenty yuan free shipping will easily attract these crowds. In one month, after spending a total of 2 hours to promote, there are already more than 90 yuan in the account. Therefore, making good use of your contacts and unremitting promotion will have good results.

1. Shop rent: It is generally difficult to estimate uniformly. The rent expenditures of different cities, business districts, and shops are very different. Generally, shops with better locations will have a certain transfer fee, and the rent of shops has been charged for several years. Half-yearly and quarterly, so before opening a store, you must conduct a detailed inspection of the rental market in your favorite area. If you have a good idea, you can be more confident about the subsequent development.

He said: "Actually speaking, I am a road builder in essence. I don't have the decent white-collar workers like everyone? You see that you still have holidays. You don't have to be tired to work. I really envy you."

How do students save money? Seeing that the annual Double Eleven ""Chop Hands"" conference is coming soon, now many businesses are ready to start offering various pre-heating offers. I believe whoever is on Double Ten Everyone will “chop their hands”, and this is also true for students. However, students’ financial resources are limited after all, and everyone is embarrassed to ask for money from home, but sometimes they buy clothes and mobile phones. It’s far from enough to save pocket money, so everyone thought of doing part-time jobs to save money to buy things. So what part-time jobs are suitable for students to make money? Let’s go out for summer jobs, except that college students are adults, too young If others don’t dare to ask you; go find a temporary worker part-time. If you’re too tired, it depends on the boss’s face. If you are not careful, you will be deducted money. It seems not appropriate, because the student party’s time is relatively fragmented. , And most jobs require you to work continuously for a long time. Then our question is back to the original point. As students, what should we do to make money? In fact, there is a part-time job that is very suitable for students. You can try online part-time job online, because this part-time job can be done anytime and anywhere, and the time is completely arranged by yourself. And it is simple work such as playing games and watching advertisements every day. The threshold is low and no interview is required. Other people's faces are really good."

Many years later, today is the college entrance examination day. Before the college entrance examination, many students may be thinking, after the college entrance examination, what must I do? I want to do all the things I haven't done before. After the college entrance examination and before the results, the carnival during that period is probably a rare good time in life.

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